Listening for Signals

Being connected to the Internet is risky business. Having a presence on the Internet means your exposed to thousands of scans, probes and attacks every single day. This behavior is being automated at an alarming rate to where compromises may not involve an individual at all. Backscatter unmasks those mass-scanning the Internet and gives you a defensive advantage.

Distributed Sensors

Backscatter has created custom sensors that listen for any inbound activity from mass scanners. These machines are distributed across the globe in various data centers.

Mass Collection

Interactions with the sensor network are recorded to include who is performing the activity and what they are trying to identify. Metadata from the activity is collected to provide a deeper level of insight.

Activity to Event

Activity from sensors stream back to a central processing node where data is further enriched and stored. Activities collected from a sensor are immediately available as events through the Backscatter platform.

Our Most Popular Use Cases

Reduce Log Volume

Filter log entries generated from Internet scanners that pose significantly less risk. Less log volume means less potential security events.

Observe Internet Trends

Identify who is performing mass-scanning and what services they are probing. Uncommon or infrequent port scanning could suggest a new vulnerability being exploited.

Enrich Security Events

Add additional context and meta-data to security events to speed up analysis. Give your team the most accurate and detailed information.

Block Mass Scanners

Avoid the risk of ever being exploited by a mass scanner by blocking all requests. Block specific IP addresses or entire networks.

A lack of visibility is a vulnerability. Stay informed with!